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男女作爱视频免费视频大全-'Stand up for Choice'

  • 火爆社区-Ninety-four per cent of football fans believe they should have the option to choose the type of matchday experience they want – whether that be seated or standing in safe, licensed areas of grounds according to a recent record-breaking EFL survey.

    男女作爱视频免费视频大全-The survey, which received more than 33,000 responses in less than two weeks, is part of the recently launched ‘Stand up for Choice’ campaign, which is being run in conjunction with the Football Supporters’ Federation and is specifically designed to fully understand the views of fans of EFL clubs.

  • 男女作爱视频免费视频大全-The consensus amongst supporters could not be clearer, with the overwhelming majority believing that clubs should be able to provide fans with a choice between standing and being seated at EFL matches.

    男女作爱视频免费视频大全-RESULTS: Click here to view the full results of the survey

    男女ktv疯狂作爱视频-Read more: Biggest ever fan response shows overwhelming support in standing debate

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