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火爆社区-What is Select Group 2

av成人片-Select Group 2, consisting of 21 referees and 35 assistant referees, officiate across the Sky Bet Championship and support development of refereeing standards across the Sky Bet EFL.

    Its introduction in 2016 was made possible thanks to financial investment from Championship Clubs, which has since enabled officials to meet regularly, share learning, and improve consistency on the pitch.

    This investment to support development of match officials in the EFL is part of a joint initiative adopted across English football that aims to promote honesty, integrity and positive behaviour across the game, backed by the EFL in conjunction with the FA and the Premier League.

    This initiative was introduced alongside a revision of the game’s laws designed to make them more easily understood by all and to ensure there is greater consistency in application by officials.

    The 2019/20 match official profiles can be found here


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