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    EFL Digital operates and maintains a range of digital services for 58 clubs across the EFL. These services include official websites; mobile applications; and the video/audio premium digital content known as iFollow.

    EFL Digital does not take any payment from those EFL clubs that use the platform. EFL Digital generates revenues from the platforms which are then distributed to clubs once central costs have been paid.

    A select number of Premier League and National League Football Clubs outside of the EFL operate on the platform by arrangement.

    Find out more about iFollow

    Domain Names

    Clubs with any domain name enquiries should speak to their EFL Digital contact. Alternatively, for domain enquiries, abuse notification (i.e. phishing scams, spam emails etc.) and complaints, clubs can contact EFL's Digital Operations Manager on 020 7871 3720 or

    All complaints will be investigated immediately, we will aim to reply to all other queries within five business days.

    If you’re not happy with the initial outcome of your complaint, then please feel free to escalate any UK issues to Nominet (the .uk registry).

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